United Spokes will be hosting its flat tire repair class for absolute beginners. We will cover all the bases including how to properly remove your wheel. Inspect the wheel and tire for the cause and review what can cause flats. Students will then learn how to reinsert the tube and reseat the tire as well as getting it back on the bike. The class is very thorough and everyone is encouraged to be hands on. We will be charging $25.00 for the class.
People will leave with tire levers, patch kits, a tube and a Untied Spokes Tee shirt!
There will be a chance to purchase any additional items at 25% off as well.
Class runs about an hour but we tend to take a little extra time for questions and shenanigans.
The class will be kept to a maximum of 12 people.
Please call to register (718)-432-2453
Our next class will be in November.Brice-Maryman-earthworks-tour-ride-in-Kent
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