We are now opened 7 days a week. Our new schedule is posted to the right. GET OUT AND RIDE!

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2014 KONA Paddy Wagons are here

2014-03-26 15.45.32 The 2014 KONA Paddy Wagon is fast, simple and ready to last forever. Shed your inhibitions or at least your gears for the simpler life. It comes set up as a freewheel bike but don’t worry this things ready to mix it up fixed gear if you like. Simply flip the rear wheel and let it rip. MSRP $749.99

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PLENTY OF 2014 Sunday! BMX bikes in stock.

2014-03-26 15.16.35 United Spokes is home to some of the best complete bmx bikes on the market! We have a full range from Sunday in and stock many parts as well. When it comes to bmx we get it.

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29′er CLEARANCE SALE ! ! !

ALL 29″ Mountain bikes are on sale. Get Out And Ride on a brand new, professionally built 29″ mountain bike and see what all the fuss has been about.
All 29ers are discounted 25 – 35 % and come with a lifetime of free tune ups. Come by and take a test ride on any model you like. We’ll make sure you are on the right size bike with the right parts for you. 29ers feature improved top speed and wheels that float over the terrain. One try and you’ll be hooked. We also have the right gear to get you comfortable on that new ride too… from helmets to gloves, glasses and jerseys – we’ve got you covered head to toe.

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We are all looking foward to the holiday season for different reasons. The reason we are excited is that this is the halfway point for our fourth year in business. As someone that started working in bicycle shops at an early age I appreciate being here and I cant imagine doing anything else. We take pride in knowing that your support is the hallmark to our success.
To celebrate our success we are now offering a lifetime of free tune ups with any bike purchased here. Take pride in knowing your ride is covered by over 25 years of experience.
We also guarantee tune-ups for 30 days now.
We are excited to be a small local shop and in tandem appreciate when customers feel that energy. Theres nothing like being called the “bike guy” when I go out in the neighborhood.
You’ll find that we can never compete with Big Chain stores in terms of price or being able to get a flat screen in the same trip. But we offer a completely different product and service that is specialized and intimate. We do offer bikes for every budget and type of rider as well. We are a bike shop and we would love to be your bike shop. And if we do our job right you wont wind up with a bike that no one uses and becomes a home for spiders.
Stop in, check us out. Test rides are available for those that want to try before you buy and you can do it in Van Cortlandt as opposed to the aisle. Our bikes are built by bicycle mechanics when they are put on the floor. Our cheapest bicycle will reflect the same attention to detail in build as our most expensive. We carry bicycles for all different budgets and riders.
From United Spokes to you – Thank you for your support and have a very happy holiday season!

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We are proud to announce our end of season sale with ALL bicycles marked down from 15 – 25 % off. All sales come with a 15% discount on accessories.

All bicycles purchased here receive a years worth of free tune ups. We have lots of different models in stock for the entire family so come by and check us out. Don’t need a bike ? All accessory purchases over $50.00 receive a 15% discount. All Tune ups receive a 10% discount on any extras… like brake pads, tires, tubes, lights, etc..  


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We will be closed on Tuesday, October 8th.

We will be joining some old friends and making some new ones as we go to a private dealer event with Trek Bicycles. We will be returning on Wednesday the 9th.

We feel look forward to bringing the best brands to United Spokes for our customers and feel like Trek would make a welcomed addition to this side of the Bronx.

Thank you for all of your support.


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Get ready for the 19th annual Tour De Bronx October 27, 2013… Open and free to all riders.





Join nearly 6,000 cyclists as they hit the road on Sunday, October 27th for the 19th Annual Tour de Bronx, the largest free cycling event in New York State.

With a choice of either a 25 or 40-mile course through the borough’s 61 neighborhoods, there will be fun for families, casual riders and avid bicyclists.

Men and women of all ages as well as children participate in this annual event. Every year local, national and even international visitors make their way to the Bronx just to be a part of the “Big Bronx Ride!”

Presented by the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., Transportation Alternatives and produced by the Bronx Tourism Council, Tour de Bronx promotes bicycling and pedestrian environmentally-friendly methods of travel. Each year, the ride features great neighborhoods, waterfronts, and historic districts.

- See more at:



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Tire repair for baby joggers and strollers.

We stock most of the common sizes of tubes and tires to repair baby joggers and strollers. So feel free to come by and take the stress out of repairing your babies ride. If you have any questions please call us at (718nanny28n-4-web)-432-2453.

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Spring is finally here!

Spring is finally here and we are ready to get you back out on that commute to work, riding your favorite trail, taking the family for a spin together or just getting some wind in your hair.

Spring is an amazing time to ride however it is not ideal just yet. Until Summer there are a few key pieces that you can pick up to make your ride safe and comfortable. The right gear to wear on the bike are key to making the whole experience better.

One of my favorite items are gloves – the right gloves help create an interface that should enhance a few key things.. for everyone from BMXers, casual riders and racers. Gloves will protect us in a crash, provide enhanced comfort, warmth and better control. There are different types of gloves for all price ranges and types of riding.

Another key item no matter what time of year is a helmet. All helmets should be replaced after 3 years of ownership for many reasons, however the real one is that the material used in helmets starts to degrade to point where it does not meet the safety standards it was built to live up to. Plus if you ride enough they become a science experiment from hours and hours of sweat and high temperatures. Also a very important thing to remeber is that if you have crashed and landed on your helmet you definitely need to replace it.

 Dressing right does not mean that you are racing either, there are many casual riding pieces that reflect comfort and performance that are made for the every day rider… which is something we specialize in… You. We have the experience and patienece it takes to get to you to your destination looking and feeling as good as you can.

We also specialize in making your bike work the best it can and Spring is the perfect time to refresh that bike of yours. Estimates are free and our mechanics are knowledgeable and friendly. We work on everything from that aging clunker to the best the industry has to offer. Plus all of our tune ups are guaranteed for 30 days. Come and feel the difference shopping here has to offer.

Thank you for all of your support! Our customers are the reason we are here and the passion for helping cyclists keeps United Spokes moving foward.

Get Out And Ride!

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